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Meet Our Pastor
Posted on March 22, 2016

Pastor Abdul Sesay

Dr. Abdul A. K. Sesay, D.Min,
Senior Pastor and Overseer

As a highly anointed preacher, teacher, international speaker of the word of God, whom God has raised, to liberate his people from bondage through the inspirational teaching of the Good news of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Abdul K. Sesay was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, to predominant Muslim parents.  Dr. Abdul grew up as a Muslim, attended Islamic Elementary and High Schools.

In 1996, when Dr. Abdul encountered the Lord, he attended the Freetown Bible School, Freetown, Sierra Leone and graduated in 1999. Prior to that He has received several leadership, evangelism, and teaching diplomas from various Schools in both local and international correspondence. After his graduation, he was called to help in the teaching Ministry of “Jesus Is Lord Ministry”, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After his conversion, Dr. Abdul received a lot of rejection from his Muslim parents. He was always encouraged with the scripture in Psalm 27:10 “when my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up”.

Pastor Abdul and WifeIn 1999, Dr. Abdul became a full time minister of the gospel serving as an associate pastor at “Jesus is Lord Ministry”. He was used mightily by God especially in the area of healing and deliverance. Dr. Abdul then moved to the United States of America in September of 2002 as a permanent resident. Prior to Pastor Abdul’s move to the US, he had a vision and revelation from God, instructing him to bring
together God’s lost people – “Gather My People”.

In March of 2003, in obedience to the vision and revelation God gave to him (Gather my people), Dr.
Abdul co-started the “Kings & Priests Court International Ministries”, with the Holy Ghost as the founder.

In June 2004, Dr. Abdul graduated with a Bachelor degree in church ministry from the Sure Foundation Theological Institute. In May 2008 Pastor Abdul graduated with a Master in Divinity degree from Liberty
University, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Pastor and DaughtersDr. Abdul K Sesay graduated with the degree of Doctor of Ministry from Liberty University. Dr. Abdul is serving as a pastor, teacher and prophet of the Word of God since the foundation of Kings & Priests Court Int’l Ministries present. One of his major goals is to be a “father” to the fatherless, and this has given him a craving for helping and caring for orphans.

Dr. Abdul lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife, Pastor Satta Leslicia Jonjo-Sesay; and two beautiful daughters, Abigail Absat Sesay and Anna Absatta Sesay 







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